Australian Graduates Fashion Week Amanda Myles Runway

As I said in the previous Amanda Myles post, this is also one of my favourite collections out of all of the ones I saw today, I love the way Amanda worked with unusualy materials to make basic garments, I love the playfulness of the collection, I just love to see gorgeous models dressed in ridiculous avant-garde garments and accessories.
The entire collection somehow reminded me of outsider-art in a fashion-design way: what are the rules of fashion-design (appart from protecting/covering the body) anyways? The choice of the colors and materials is obviously probably well thought through but all the combinations look like an accidental combo. I also enjoy the fact that the main colors are a basic royal blue whith a complementary orange which is in some eccentric harmony (some people would say in conjunction) with a nice primary green. These colors are even shown in the toys she used in the see-through garments and facial accessories !
I am a little bit disapointed that Amanda didn't win any awards in this competition, even though I appreciated the other collections, I thought hers was the most original one !