Model - Jake from EMG.
Styling, Directing - Hugh Stewart.


Australian Graduates Fashion Week Paul Scott Runway

Paul Scott's collection, the ultimate MENSWEAR collection of AGFW. A collection designed by a man, for men. I love this shit, everything about this collection is fuck-off masculine, I obviously dont mean macho though.
I personally think that the colors, prints, patterns are absolutely on point.
Even if some of the shapes are softer, I'm talking about the scoop neckline, the curved hem and bib on the 1st picture, the curve in the pannel of the pants in the 3rd picture, the curve at the bottom of the vest in the 2 last pictures, the crazy angular pattern of the skyscrappers print of the jersey tee-shirts and that business shirt in the last outfit absolutely make-up for it, I think it is the perfect balance of angular/organic.
I also like the panneling on the pants because it is simple and square, another element of masculinity in fashion-design.
Another interresting part of this collection is the contrast of the deep-purple of the pants in the 1st picture in opposition with the golden creamy urban print.
And one last tiny aspect that I love about this collection is the tartan print which brings a sence of baddass chav kind of aspect to the overall look.
I would definitely wear every piece of this collection hands down hey.

Australian Graduates Fashion Week Tiana Continibali Runway

Tiana Continibali's collection was very nicely tied in together, mainly by the color palette: silver textures/highlights and ivory mains which I thought was a nice combination.
I am a little bit disapointed that I couldn't get any decent pictures of the front part of the outfits, mainly because now, 5 hours after the show and after writing about other designers I actually don't remember what they looked like! What a loser hey.
What I liked about this collection is that obviously everything went well together and looked like a nice family of clothes but I also really appreciated that the designer covered the 'eventful day' aspect of fashion which is the collection that contains a business outfit, a relaxed day in the city outfit, sexy party outfit, cocktail dresses and evening dresses.
I also appreciated the organic shapes and the way the silver appliqués were applied and the placement of the cut-outs made the outfits look trendy and sexy in a classy way as opposed to an over-sexy trashy way.
I would definitely see a fun business woman in this outfits, I think Kris Jenner would look awesome in them.

Australian Graduates Fashion Week Ruby Glendinning Runway

Ruby Glendinning's Collection was a steady crystal clear harmonious conceptual beauty.
I absolutely love the simplicity of the various concepts: the main one being that the front of the outfits was made of a sheer crisp fabric (organza or cotton voile? didn't get to suss it backstage), dyed in the same color as the back of the garment which is a plain opaque material.
The second concept which goes along with the first one is that the back material is a slightly textured fabric, the 1st and 2nd pictures show the outfit that has the most normal, if I dare say so, back because it was a natural fibre, linen or cotton, or even silk, the second outfit, the light grey one, looked like paper, but under a certain light looked like a coated big woven yarn like a heavy linen, I like to think that it was meant to look like paper, very Margiela. The 3rd outfit, the brown/maroon one had some sort of appliquéed jewels on the back, I think they wear beads but I could be wrong and from where we were sitting (approx. 2 or 3 metres from the models) it looked like wood, like a tree's trunk, but it still moved like fabric, i thought it was amazing that one. And last but not least, the baddass dress which is the black one has a leather back, 'nuff said bitch !
All of the sleeves were joined to the bodice of the top/dress which i though was awesome and was fitted very beautifully, which I appreciated for knowing how frustrating it gets because I tried it on a garment last year. The longer sleeve were also shapped in a particular way: fitted on the upper part of the arm down to the elbow and then softly curved out and flared around the forearm area and curved back tight to the wrist. Kinda like the sleeves of the Alexander McQueen outfit from Plato's Antlantis that Lady GaGa wore in the Bad Romance video in the 'walk walk fashion baby' bit. Really nice
The small rounded pocket bags also added a nice third dimension to the outfits while keeping the simplicity of the overall garments (im talking basic hemlines, necklines and cuffs).
Overall I would say that it was a very nice conceptually feminine and sexy collection,

Australian Graduates Fashion Week Amanda Myles Runway

As I said in the previous Amanda Myles post, this is also one of my favourite collections out of all of the ones I saw today, I love the way Amanda worked with unusualy materials to make basic garments, I love the playfulness of the collection, I just love to see gorgeous models dressed in ridiculous avant-garde garments and accessories.
The entire collection somehow reminded me of outsider-art in a fashion-design way: what are the rules of fashion-design (appart from protecting/covering the body) anyways? The choice of the colors and materials is obviously probably well thought through but all the combinations look like an accidental combo. I also enjoy the fact that the main colors are a basic royal blue whith a complementary orange which is in some eccentric harmony (some people would say in conjunction) with a nice primary green. These colors are even shown in the toys she used in the see-through garments and facial accessories !
I am a little bit disapointed that Amanda didn't win any awards in this competition, even though I appreciated the other collections, I thought hers was the most original one !

Australian Graduates Fashion Week Amanda Myles Backstage

I met the lovely Amanda Myles and her boyfriend/assistant (personal bitch) backstage at AGFW today and was lucky enough to get a couple snaps of some pieces and the accessories that she sent down the runway.
I feel like I can relate to her stuff so much because she made her entire collection herself, just like i did for my upcoming major collection... She hand-knitted the jumper as well, which i would die to try on, and also the see-through trench coat, would kill for that piece !
I love that she made accessories aswell, as I said once again we're twins because I am actually making accessories in similar fabrics for my own collection aswell.
And one last thing, are you ready? bitch beat me to it, she made her models wear Jelly shoes and socks ! what a bitch right ? I swear to god we're twins.