if you want it im gonna be va va voom voom

I personally think that in menswear, Ricardo Tisci is probably THE only interresting designer, it might only be a matter of personal taste, but I think he always pushes bundaries while keeping the clothes trendy and rather wearable (for a menswear scale).
I also think that the whole subnation / chav thing going on is probably my favourite, not only in menswear but i've always just been into that like for ever, I remember looking at pictures of M.I.A or Rye-Rye back when I lived in New-Caledonia still, and thought it was the best jsut cause it looked like shit...
Courtney MC is also one of my favourites.... shes just awesome.
Supremebeing is a pretty cool website where you can find cool affordable shit.
you can also check forgottenfuture, laykuni (unbounded AWE)