Dear readers, I am so terribly sorry about the lack of posts on this blog lately, I blame it all on the fact that there is no fashion industry in New-Caledonia. 
AND my computer was out of order for like 2 months. I finally got it back 2 days ago.
Shit is dead over here.
I found these crazy ass fabrics for $5 a metre and bought whatever was left of both rolls, and made hatever I could in a small amount of time because 2 of my good friends are flying over to Sydney on Saturday, and since they are about to meet up with my flat mates from there, they will bring the clothes over as a present. I called this mini range "RESORT" just because the prints remind me of resortwear. Shit's pretty resorty in my opinon.
So my friend Léa and I decided to set a quick photoshoot up last week-end with one of her friends as a model. We are trying to get this photoshoot into one of the local zines. And possibly some of the Sydney/Australia - based ones.
Let me know what you think y'all.