Charli shot by Léa Deborde wearing clothes I made, styled by me.



Dear readers, I am so terribly sorry about the lack of posts on this blog lately, I blame it all on the fact that there is no fashion industry in New-Caledonia. 
AND my computer was out of order for like 2 months. I finally got it back 2 days ago.
Shit is dead over here.
I found these crazy ass fabrics for $5 a metre and bought whatever was left of both rolls, and made hatever I could in a small amount of time because 2 of my good friends are flying over to Sydney on Saturday, and since they are about to meet up with my flat mates from there, they will bring the clothes over as a present. I called this mini range "RESORT" just because the prints remind me of resortwear. Shit's pretty resorty in my opinon.
So my friend Léa and I decided to set a quick photoshoot up last week-end with one of her friends as a model. We are trying to get this photoshoot into one of the local zines. And possibly some of the Sydney/Australia - based ones.
Let me know what you think y'all.


Killstar Clothing / Nobody's Kids / Jeremy Scott

Versacrifice tee-shirt - Killstar
Ouijaboard tee-shirt - Killstar
Nobody's Kids pants by me
Nobody's Kids pants by me
ADI-DAS sneakers - Jeremy Scott
Doc Marten's boots.


Nanette Lepore fall 13

Nanette Lepore's fall 13 collection is by far my favourite for this season.
I almost feel bad for it because I am sure my friends are going to say it is pretty cliché for me, like classic Jay liking the collection that shows khaki. So what I like khaki? 
Anyways I thought the collection covered all aspects a collection should cover (sport, evening, buisness, lounge etc...), and pretty well too ! And through a variation of techniques and design elements that I think flow through the collection easily, I love the draping, the quilting, I love the differences of textures and the prints aswell.
The one thing I want to point out is how she used the holographic trend we've been sensing from tumblr and how she changed it slightly and how she made it less plastic and more organic, it reminds me of beetle wings more than it reminds me of the tacky 90's accessories.
I'm heaps keen.



Singlet - Crooks and Castles.
Hat - Adeen.
Scarf - no idea, somewhere in New-Cal.


best of menswear fall 13

Al images from style.com