I did Vybe's make-up the other day in my new penthouse, soz for the mess btw but who gives a fuck when a radiating tranny is in the middle of the room?  heres a couple of pictures, we will probably shoot soon in Les Enfants De Personne.

Make-up used : illamasqua rich liquid foundation, illamasqua full coverage pressed powder, illamasqua powder blush in Panic, MAC blacktrack, Illamasqua liquid metal in superior, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo.

Les Enfants De Personne - debut II

So we were making clothes at the factory and we decided to shoot some of the shit I made that day.
(and Alex and Paige decided to the just take pictures of each other)
Millie is wearing the basic backless shirt with her fur cuffs and collar.

Les Enfants De Personne - debut

Heres a couple of pictures I took of Jade wearing the clothes I made in our new appartment.
In the first outfit, she is wearing the sheer short slit dress, with the knitted bikini bottom and the knitted dress.
In the second outfit she is wearing the knitted bikini bottom and the hooded poncho.
shoes - Vybe's hooker heels.


je suis maladeuh

So the other day I got screamed at by someone important for not being productive enough, so, here... took some pictures today.