Kanye West fall 2012

let the images speak for themselves yall


playing with jon's piercings !

We played with our septum piercings and my old bracelet i got from gneral pants. and this is what happens, as in we're pretty keen to go out like that, but I wouldnt be surprised if douchebags come to us and start pulling on the chains....


OH Stefano, you did fucking well to be honest, I am so much into jumper looking stuff right now, thos leather tops are amazing love both colors ! Big shoulders and baggy sleeves with a tight cuff looks amazing.
I also really love these stiff leather tee-shirts with long-ish short sleeves and the big shoulders thing looks so ghetto and edgy with the belt but the classic suit pants. I love this look.
And I have to say that cream suit with the flower print is awesome, Even if it screams Patsy Stone -oldschool I can definitely see GaGa wearing it or some shit !!!

Givenchy baby

I'm really surprised that Riccardo joined the red and black club but the collection looks really interresting, love the raglan sleeve happening here and there and that gorgeous olive color makes me really happy.