nobody's kids - lycra tights

So on Monday, the boyfriend and I got uber bored, as always and we decided to get creative for once, so we decided to shoot the tights I made last week, and style each other without having a say in what the other one wants you to wear. Unfortunately, Jon wasn't too inspired when it was his turn to take pictures of me (although he was really keen on the outfit he prepared for me) so I'm only going to put one picture of me just so you guys have an idea of what I looked like. Here are the pictures of Jon, hope you guys like them.

Jon is wearing the Nobody's Kids tights, my Fake singlet, his white fur coat and his glitter Litas.

annnnddd heres the picture of me wearing Margiela glasses, fur coats, a leather harness and the tights.


Born Free

I've been pretty busy for the last 4 days, working on Megan's movie "Born Free" as a make-up artist (and extra for a couple of scenes), here you can see pictures of Chris, our movie star and main character, wearing Jon's studded jeans, Angus' Death Wish tee-shirt and Megan's leather Jacket (which is now Chris' own jacket), Millie plays the second main character (I'm not gonna go over what she's wearing, for obvious reasons... we all know she only has one outfit). The cute little girl in the sofa is Candy, she plays Chris' little sister in the movie, and Andy plays the father. Got some gorgeous pictures of Trash Alley, with my lovely (hairy) girl posing like a supermodel in her brand new blond locks.

whats in the mesh bag

Here's the mesh bag I made for my project, I literally used one of the plastic bags i get from woolies when I go shopping, and made it from my mesh fabric, it looks cool but Millie said it would be better with bigger handles to wear on the shoulder and it would probably sell better aswell so I'm gonna work on that.

I was also thinking I am going to add bleached denim to the mesh line, and probably work on a handbag aswell.

So y'all need to check the shit ive been carrying lately :
-Lady Million, like hello, summer's back so perfume change bitches.
-Henry Holland sunglasses. just cuz they hide my eyebrows pretty well.
-(the appartment keys, my headphones, iphone, my ugly ass wallet, fake YSL and Balmain rings etc..)
-OPI nail polish in San Tan Tonio, perfect nude shade for people who have retarded complexion like me.
-speaking of complexion, Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, in number 6 I believe.
-Illamasqua rubber finish nailpolish in Faux Pas (purple) and in Rare (neon yellow).
-Illamasqua cream pigment in Androgen from the new Theatre of the Nameless collection, and also intense lipgloss in Facade, pure pigment in Beguile, powder eyeshadow in Tango, and medium pencil in Vow.
-Mac blacktrack gel eyeliner.
-Sally Hansen nailpolish pen in silver chrome.