So I decided to grow out my hair, and a friend of mine who is a hairstylist at Avant-Garde aka the fanciest hair salon in Nouméa told me about this Forcapil treatment that apparently helps your hair grow faster.

Forcapil is a treatment that you take over 3 months, that is supposed to make your hair and nails nicer, and to grow them out faster. So I tried that shit, and it was on special if you got the 4 month package thing. So that's what I got. I am now almost done with the 3 months tub of pills, and I have made up my mind about this product, so here is my review y'all.

I know that biotin is the main vitamin you are looking for when you want to grow out your hair, the thing about them is : growing out your hair means boosting your keratin production, and more keratin means more hair, but also more finger nails, and more body hairs.

Now anyone who knows me personally, knows about my attraction for bears (have you met my fiancé ?) so getting more chest hair would definitely be a pro for me, but I'm assuming the target market for this product is more like "woman in her late 20's who just got a drastic new haircut after a break-up and now regretting the decision", so I'm doubting they'd be keen on any more body hairs... unless they are changing sexual orientation maybe ?
Anyways so the product definitely gave me a fuckload of chest hair, i mean compared to what i had before. Oh and apparently it made my face hairier so my beard looks fuller, and I don't look like I have an asian moustache anymore. #denyingmychineseheritage

About finger nails, I did find that my finger nails grew a lot faster and stronger. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of before or after, and because i bite my nails I don't think it would be nice anyways... Or would it be ? Well my cure isn't fnished yet (I still have a baby tub of a month worth of pills to take) so maybe I can try to do a before and after picture thingy of my finger nails on Forcapil.

About hair, so far I am not 100% sold on the product, and to see an actual progression I decided to stop dying my hair while I was doing the treatment, and take weekly pictures of my roots to see any progression. So here are the pictures of my hair growing over the 9 first weeks.
I got my roots dyed on the 10th week because I couldn't handle my shit anymore, but I will take more weekly pictures until i finish the 3+1 month treatment, and I will probably still take root selfies after I finish the treatment for a good month or 2, in order to see any difference in my hair growth when I am on Forcapil and when I am not.

I lost the pics of week 1 and week 2 but just so you have an idea, I had gotten my roots done a week before I started the treatment, so week 3 is technically 3 weeks of taking Forcapil pills every day, and it is 4 weeks after getting my roots dyed.

week 3

Week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7

Week 8

week 9

Week 10 doesn't exist because I probably got high and forgot to take the pic or something

week 11 - 1 week day to day after I have gotten my roots dyed.

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Urban photoshoot with Léa and Eve, phone pics.

 It started at Lea's house, right before we started to shoot she had the hiccups and I tried to help by making her drink water upside-down. It didn't work.

 outfit of the next day.


 Lunch break at Lea's

 Lea and Eve working hard.

end of the day selfie.




Nico @ Yaté

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