Australian Graduates Fashion Week Tiana Continibali Runway

Tiana Continibali's collection was very nicely tied in together, mainly by the color palette: silver textures/highlights and ivory mains which I thought was a nice combination.
I am a little bit disapointed that I couldn't get any decent pictures of the front part of the outfits, mainly because now, 5 hours after the show and after writing about other designers I actually don't remember what they looked like! What a loser hey.
What I liked about this collection is that obviously everything went well together and looked like a nice family of clothes but I also really appreciated that the designer covered the 'eventful day' aspect of fashion which is the collection that contains a business outfit, a relaxed day in the city outfit, sexy party outfit, cocktail dresses and evening dresses.
I also appreciated the organic shapes and the way the silver appliqu├ęs were applied and the placement of the cut-outs made the outfits look trendy and sexy in a classy way as opposed to an over-sexy trashy way.
I would definitely see a fun business woman in this outfits, I think Kris Jenner would look awesome in them.