Australian Graduates Fashion Week Leroy Nguyen Runway

Leroy's collection was hands down one of my favourite collection out of all the ones I saw today, I really appreciated the fact that the neoprene which was one of the main ingredients of the fabulousness was not only used for the fact that it is bulky and easy to use for great shapes but Leroy also used it in a drapy way.
As I said in the previous post I definitely adored the printed pieces ( I heard my fellow main blogger bitch from Estate of Mind also fell in love with these pieces ) but I also really appreciated the white pieces, especially the jacket from the 2nd and 3rd picture because the panneling gives so much dimension without making the garment angular, which I am sure most designers working with this kind of material would have lost their shit and just married the temptation of doing angular garments with it...
Congratulations to Leroy for winning one of the prestigious awards offered today !