Australian Graduates Fashion Week Ruby Glendinning Runway

Ruby Glendinning's Collection was a steady crystal clear harmonious conceptual beauty.
I absolutely love the simplicity of the various concepts: the main one being that the front of the outfits was made of a sheer crisp fabric (organza or cotton voile? didn't get to suss it backstage), dyed in the same color as the back of the garment which is a plain opaque material.
The second concept which goes along with the first one is that the back material is a slightly textured fabric, the 1st and 2nd pictures show the outfit that has the most normal, if I dare say so, back because it was a natural fibre, linen or cotton, or even silk, the second outfit, the light grey one, looked like paper, but under a certain light looked like a coated big woven yarn like a heavy linen, I like to think that it was meant to look like paper, very Margiela. The 3rd outfit, the brown/maroon one had some sort of appliquéed jewels on the back, I think they wear beads but I could be wrong and from where we were sitting (approx. 2 or 3 metres from the models) it looked like wood, like a tree's trunk, but it still moved like fabric, i thought it was amazing that one. And last but not least, the baddass dress which is the black one has a leather back, 'nuff said bitch !
All of the sleeves were joined to the bodice of the top/dress which i though was awesome and was fitted very beautifully, which I appreciated for knowing how frustrating it gets because I tried it on a garment last year. The longer sleeve were also shapped in a particular way: fitted on the upper part of the arm down to the elbow and then softly curved out and flared around the forearm area and curved back tight to the wrist. Kinda like the sleeves of the Alexander McQueen outfit from Plato's Antlantis that Lady GaGa wore in the Bad Romance video in the 'walk walk fashion baby' bit. Really nice
The small rounded pocket bags also added a nice third dimension to the outfits while keeping the simplicity of the overall garments (im talking basic hemlines, necklines and cuffs).
Overall I would say that it was a very nice conceptually feminine and sexy collection,