Australian Graduates Fashion Week Paul Scott Runway

Paul Scott's collection, the ultimate MENSWEAR collection of AGFW. A collection designed by a man, for men. I love this shit, everything about this collection is fuck-off masculine, I obviously dont mean macho though.
I personally think that the colors, prints, patterns are absolutely on point.
Even if some of the shapes are softer, I'm talking about the scoop neckline, the curved hem and bib on the 1st picture, the curve in the pannel of the pants in the 3rd picture, the curve at the bottom of the vest in the 2 last pictures, the crazy angular pattern of the skyscrappers print of the jersey tee-shirts and that business shirt in the last outfit absolutely make-up for it, I think it is the perfect balance of angular/organic.
I also like the panneling on the pants because it is simple and square, another element of masculinity in fashion-design.
Another interresting part of this collection is the contrast of the deep-purple of the pants in the 1st picture in opposition with the golden creamy urban print.
And one last tiny aspect that I love about this collection is the tartan print which brings a sence of baddass chav kind of aspect to the overall look.
I would definitely wear every piece of this collection hands down hey.